The best fairway woods on the market are:

Golf is an ever changing game which requires precision and fitness. However, most newbies are not aware of the optimal type of equipment for good results. They try all kinds of clubs and ball, only to realize that it takes too much time to match these things to their swings. When it comes to distance, finding the best fairway woods might be the next step to a good experience.

Now that you know the main differences between these two popular categories, what are the most important things to look for when trying to buy cheap fairway woods?

Top 5 Fairway Woods

Design and Shape

Rated as one of TaylorMade's best fairway woods, this model comes with an improved aerodynamic shape for a more efficient swing, as well as a shallow face raised center crown. It has a new hosel fin too.

In the attempt to reduce spin, the manufacturer has used a new speed pocket. Other than that, this feature boosts the sweet spot size. As for design, the matte finish black PVD face makes the wood look stunning, while the linear AeroBurner graphic makes alignment a breeze.

Build and Customization

The face is made from Ni CO 300 super alloy. It's lightweight and durable. The shaft features the new Matrix Speed RUL Z 60 technology – made from graphite. As for the grip, you can count on the popular TM Speed standards.

Customization is standard – hand orientation, flex (regular, senior, stiff and extra stiff) and configuration (15, 16.5, 18, 21 and 24 degrees).

Swing and Aerodynamics

Although not really visible at a first glance, the crown has a small raised area. The outer sections have a few nodules that feel rough as you touch them. Their role is to kill the airflow and disrupt air resistance. The head travels faster through air and adds to the swing speed.

The small fin on the head is referred to as AeroHosel because it meets the hosel. Its primary role is to boost aerodynamics – small details that make a huge difference, making this model one of the best discount fairway woods.

Versatility and Results

TaylorMade's fairway wood is better known for its versatility. It's quite popular among average golfers because you can hit from pretty much any situation. The wood performs well on sand, but it can also hit from tight lies.

Unlike most expectations, off center hits will not necessarily reduce the distance – maybe a few yards if you're new.

  • High strength construction
  • Sleek design
  • Improved grip
  • Customization options
  • Easy alignment
  • Takes time to get used to it
  • times-circle
    Requires a bit of experience
  • times-circle
  • times-circle
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All in all, whether you're hunting new or used fairway woods for sale, this model will deliver what the manufacturer promises – performance, distance and feel.

Features and Customization

The modern war bird sole is a modern design built with aerodynamics in mind. The shot will be improved from the first attempt, regardless of the lie. It's meant to be versatile and it actually delivers. The forced speed frame face cup helps with the ball speed, so it affects the distance as well. It's made from 455 carpenter steel – faster and stronger than classic stainless steel.

You can choose the hand orientation, configuration (15, 17 and 19 degrees) and flex (regular and stiff only).

Design and Performance

The head features a heavy element for stability. It basically lowers the center of gravity for low spinning. The trajectory is better, not to mention the distance. The shaft is based on Project X Velocity graphite. It has a dynamic weight projection.

Performance is exceptional – flatter roll, higher shots and softer landings. The launching angle is dramatically increased with the same purpose – a longer distance.

Feel and Results

Stock shafts look bulky and solid. The gray finish is matte, while the sound is thick and muted. Most golfers appreciate the subtle feel.

Other than that, what makes this model one of the best fairway woods 2018 is the possibility to fully perform. Generally speaking, a golfer would have to choose between distance off the tee and performance off the ground. This model can achieve both of them due to the low center of gravity.

Construction and Style

Callaway has designed a superior fairway woods by putting the club together from two different parts.

The manufacturer designed a stainless steel forged face cup. Its main role is to be consistent all over the face.

The second part was the stainless steel design of the club head. It's the part hosting the ISW (Internal Standing Wave) technology, which lowers the center of gravity and pushes the weight right behind the face.

  • Modern technologies
  • Impressive distance
  • Lightweight
  • Saving Some Money
  • Low spin
  • Doing Some Exercise
  • times-circle
    Needs time to become familiar with it
  • times-circle
  • times-circle

Known as one of the best fairway woods on the market, this unit comes with the ultimate technologies for a top performance.

Forgiveness and Adjustability

Forgiveness is a must in fairway woods cheap, especially for beginners and average golfers. This model doesn't just boost the forgiveness, but it also boosts the speed and the ball height – all these because of the Ghost Slot Technology. Its main role is to hide the crown slot without affecting performance.

The fairway wood comes in 3 flexes only – regular, stiff and senior. As for the loft, you got 3 options – 14, 16 and 19 degrees.

Impact and Performance

The impact on the ball is massive due to several features. Most importantly, this wood features a low profile upside down design. This kind of design focuses the impact low on the face.

In terms of performance, you'll see an improvement both on the turf and in the air. The tri level sole eliminates most of the turf interaction. Apart from ensuring a higher performance, it also allows you to hit out of any lie.

Head and Shaft

The head is quite shallow when compared to other light fairway woods. It's appealing though due to its compactness. Besides, it's D shaped and may look large around the toe. For this reason, it will take a while to get used to it.

The shaft carries the Mitsubishi Rayon KuroKage technology. It's designed in black and blue and weighs 60g only. Despite being light, it's quite stable and will suit pretty much any golfer.

Ghost Slots and Grip

Ghost Slots represent small features on the crown. In other words, you can forget about off putting slots. Instead, you'll benefit from the same flexing performance, but with extra distance and extra forgiveness.

The Iomic Black Armor Stick Evolution 2.3 is a technology used for the grip. It ensures such a good grip that it might feel sticky at ties. It's excellent for both dry and wet hands.

  • Can hit from any lie

  • High impact on the ball
  • Extra forgiveness
  • Low turf interaction
  • Consistent contact
  • Only 3 flexes
  • times-circle
    Takes time to get used to it if you upgrade
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  • times-circle

As one of the best fairway woods, this model proves that you don't have to spend lots of money for performance.

Adjustability and Performance

The deep adjustability makes Cobra Golf's unit one of the best fairway woods on the market right now. It features the MyFly8 Technology and a SmartPad. What does that mean? Easy – not less than 8 adjustable settings for the loft. Boost the distance and control your accuracy.

But this isn't everything. Apart from distance and trajectory, you also want a top-notch speed. Consider it done! The steel face is built to last. It's thin and shallow, but it also features some inserts for more face flex.

Distance and Feel

The maximum distance is given by more factors. The Forget BiO Cell and E9 Face technologies are responsible for it. The sweet zone is much larger. You gain an impressive launch and low spin, leading to extra distance.

As for the feel, you'll love the powerful impact. You can shot straight from any distance, mostly because of the neutral bias weighting.

Face and Shaft

The face features shallow steel inserts. It provides more flex, so you can easily reach high speeds and a longer distance. Trajectory is boosted too. The shaft is made from graphite and allows three flexes – senior, regular and stiff.

Overall, the appearance is a bit unusual – the head is middle sized can always sit square. It makes no difference what kind of loft you choose.

Appearance and Styling

When compared to other fairway woods, this model looks smaller. The head is medium and no matter what loft you choose, it will always sit square.

Styling gives you a bit of customization, as you can choose the head color – gray, orange, blue, black and red.

  • Long distance shots
  • Good feel
  • Multiple technologies
  • Deep adjustability
  • Good accuracy
  • Just 2 flexes
  • times-circle
    Needs practice to get used to it
  • times-circle
  • times-circle

All in all, if distance is your main issue in golf, Cobra Golf's fairway woods will solve the problem overnight.

Performance and Customization

The carbon composite crown is certainly an improvement in the best fairway woods out there. It's not the most popular material, but it does help. It keeps the weight low for a low spin, but it also boosts the launch power. As for the shaft, it's made from graphite.

The wood is customized in terms of hand orientation, flex (regular, senior, stiff and extra stiff) and configuration (15, 16.5, 18, 21 and 24 degrees).

Feel and Versatility

The wood comes with an arrow 620 ribbed grip. Even if your hands are sweaty or you lack confidence, this wood ensures you won't have to focus on the grip anymore, but on power.

As for its versatility, you can use it anywhere. It works wonders regardless of the lie. It allows shooting from uncomfortable positions and even tall grass.

Results and Improvements

The face is one of the hottest parts of this wood. It's firm and solid, while the noise is almost inexistent. With all these, the result is still powerful. You have a top-notch trajectory regardless of the hit.

The wood is more efficient off the tee. However, when shot from other situations, the shots still come up with a good launching angle. Hitting into par fives will become much easier too.

Alignment and Hosel

Given the club head design, aligning the club is fairly simple. The white shape on the back will help you with the hits.

The hosel is fluted – a major difference when compared to other fairway woods. It doesn't just save weight, but it also boosts the acoustics and feel.

  • Extra launch power
  • Versatile from any lie
  • Solid grip
  • Adjustability
  • Vibration and pitch kept under control
  • Requires a refined swing
  • times-circle
    No head cover
  • times-circle
  • times-circle
  • times-circle

The M2 fairway wood is excellent for golfers who want more power and versatility in their game.



In the end, the best fairway woods are clearly quite diversified. It's up to you to figure what you expect from your game, what you're good at and what needs improvement.

Meta: Go through the best fairway woods on the market and discover the aspects that make them so reputable – features, pluses and minuses.


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