Identifying The Best Hybrid Golf Clubs For High Handicappers – What Are The Top Rated Hybrids?

Golf club technology has seriously improved over the past decades, yet some clubs do maintain their original profiles and uses. The hybrid club is among the main units in a golfer’s set, whether it comes to amateurs or professionals. Invented in the 1930s, its main role hasn’t changed much lately.

The hybrid will work just like an iron, only it guarantees for more consistency and forgiveness. Professionals use it to win tournaments, so you shouldn’t overlook its importance either. However, finding the best hybrid golf clubs for high handicappers might be a bit challenging with so many choices.

Although they share some similarities, some models are better rated than others, whether it comes to their builds, quality standards or efficiency. You don’t have to be an expert to find hybrid golf clubsthough, but just take your time to go through the best rated items and understand what makes them popular.

Our Picks

Cobra doesn’t fool around when it comes to design and style and this model makes no exception either. It qualifies as one of the best hybrid golf clubs for high handicappers and not just for its looks, but also for its outstanding performance.

Superior Construction

This Cobra hybrid golf club set is based on progression. Although you can buy this club in a full set, some golfers choose to purchase it separately as an addition to their current sets. The TECFLO construction is quite popular in Cobra and one of the main reasons for its popularity. It revolves around multiple construction technologies that are successfully blended together.

How does this golf club help your game? Simple! It helps hitting more greens, but you can also hit closer to the pin without actually hitting the pin.

Smart Weight

There’s science behind this cobra golf club, hence its popularity among the best hybrid golf clubs for high handicappers 2018. For instance, it features a smartly placed 0.45 ounce weight. The weight is located inside the head. It’s deep, but also low. Its main role is to increase forgiveness.

The extra weight is not something new in the golf world. After all, it’s all about balancing the center of gravity. When placed low and deep, the club is likely to deliver more accuracy. It’s easier to hit and boosts the performance without requiring extra effort.

Speedy and Adjustable

The speed channel is a patented Cobra technology – you won’t find it in other manufacturers’ clubs. It practically involves having a trench around the face perimeter. Again, it’s pure science. The result is pretty obvious – less thickness and maximum speeds. You’ll be able to shoot longer distances without even trying too hard.

In terms of adjustability, the KING F6 model features 8 loft settings. Tune your launching conditions in the finest details, not to mention managing the trajectory. Apart from maximizing your shooting distance, adjusting the club allows you to do it with pretty much any swing.

What’s to Like
  • Good looking
  • Extremely accurate
  • Long distance shots
  • Unique technologies
  • Improved forgiveness
  • Low spin at impact
  • times-circle
    Semi-rough and uneven lines might be challenging to newbies
  • times-circle

Built with forgiveness and power in mind, this model from TaylorMade is easily one of the best hybrid golf clubs for high handicappers out there. It’s a primary choice for those who seek power. It’s not the first generation of this club, yet it comes with some serious improvements from the last model.

Top Performance

The M2 model is a beast in terms of performance. You don’t even have to try too hard. It’s one of the most powerful units and can hit consistently without too much effort. You’re about to hit the longest distances with this club as well.

Given the power, it’s obvious your trajectory will be drastically improved. Moreover, it makes the club excellent for bad weather conditions, like wind. Unlike most expectations, being more powerful won’t affect the overall control. You’ll still be able to direct the ball accordingly.

Sound and Feel

Compared to previous versions, the sound will not disappoint you. It’s thick and doesn’t sound metallic at all. It’s a solid pop that will raise no doubts – your ball flew away.

On the other hand, the feel is like an explosion. You’ll gain an explosive impression of speed and power. A good shot will make you feel like the ball is rushing away from you. Speed is maintained throughout the shot. Only when the ball is about to go down does it start losing speed.

The turf interaction will inevitably be part of the game. Once again, it won’t feel metallic, but wooden.

Sleek Design

The overall appearance is just as important in a golf club – it shouldn’t outweigh the performance though. The black and white crown on the M line is also available for this club. It provides a glossy style. As for size and shape, it’s definitely larger when compared to other models, but also in the mini wood segment.

The medium depth carries the same TaylorMode standards, while the white line on the top adds to the actual style.

What’s to Like
  • Speed pocket distance
  • Hot trajectory
  • Confident head shape
  • Sleek appearance
  • Full control
What’s not to Like
  • No adjustability
  • times-circle
    Large profile may not be suitable to those looking for versatility
  • times-circle

Designed to impress, this Callaway hybrid golf club is certainly worth some consideration. It can also be purchased in a whole set, not to mention the different configurations. All in all, its speed and forgiveness are among its top strengths.

Playability and Forgiveness

This golf club hits straight and high – no doubts about it. It features a heavy and powerful head. In fact, the design is updated from a previous version. The upgrade turns the club into one of the most versatile clubs on the market. It’s made from wood and provides a dynamic shot. Performance will leave no room for mistakes, regardless of how difficult the shot is.

In terms of forgiveness, it depends on your shot. Generally speaking, the hybrid is mainly configured for long distances. You’ll experience a major upgrade in heel and toe shots, yet thin shots and slices are not to be overlooked either.

Feel and Distance

When struck properly, you’ll know it. You’ll hear a solid cracking sound. The head might be heavier than in other similar models, yet it won’t take control over during a swing. You’re still in charge of everything. However, as you get closer to the ball, you’ll experience ball compression like with no other hybrid.

The distance leaves no room for mistakes – everything about this club is related to distance. The length, loft, height and speed frame face are all optimized for distance. When compared to similar iron units, this one might shoot the ball up to 20 yards longer.

Beautiful Design

The gray charcoal finish is sleek and shiny. It matches the black PVD face, as well as the white shaft. Performance is more important, yet the design is not to be overlooked either.

Given the large head, newbies will inevitably gain more confidence in their strikes.

What’s to Like
  • Long distance
  • Good looks
  • Impressive accuracy
  • Feels powerful
  • Key technologies
  • Heavier than other units
  • times-circle
    Pronounced offset might put some golfers off
  • times-circle
  • times-circle

With a proven reputation in the hybrid segment, Tour Edge’s sure knows what distance and performance mean. This model is one of the best hybrid golf clubs for high handicappers, mostly for the full control you gain over the ball.

Top-Notch Performance

This club will surprisingly let you take shots that you normally cannot. It’s built to perform from pretty much all lies. Its construction ensures a forward shaft lean that occurs naturally. Whether you go for long or short shots, it’ll support your swing.

The distance won’t stand up in the crowd – it’s in the same range with pretty much most hybrids. However, what really makes the difference is the ability to play from all lies without compromising on forgiveness.

Smooth Design

The head is smaller when compares to other hybrid golf clubs for sale. Moreover, this is an iron-wood club – slightly different from the classic hybrid. Therefore, it seems to adopt the shape of a triangle, rather than a round design.

The lightweight construction adds to the swing, yet you still maintain full control over the shot.

Extra Forgiveness

In terms of accuracy, you can stop trying to find golf clubs for high handicappers because this unit will surprise you. It features two heavy weights for extra forgiveness. The respective weights go under the ball, which means your shots will be more accurate, but the ball will also fly longer.

The high forgiveness makes the club excellent for beginners. However, the club was also recommended by some of the industry’s top players, so it makes a solid choice regardless of your skill level.

What’s to Like
  • Consistency and high flights
  • Extra accuracy
  • Distance control
  • Stable head at impact
  • Sleek looks
What’s not to Like
  • Limited versatility
  • times-circle
    Might feel a bit bulky for experienced golfers
  • times-circle
  • times-circle

Offering an amazing value for money, this hybrid from Adams is among the top golf clubs for high handicappers 2018. Obviously, it can also be purchased as part of a larger set to cover all your golfing needs, yet some golfers buy it individually to cover some of the minuses in their game.

Versatile Operation

Nothing about this hybrid is random – everything was carefully crafted by engineers with scientific backup. Generally speaking, this club revolves around versatility. The head is smaller when compared to other hybrids – just 95cc. For this reason, you’ll be able to take a wide plethora of difficult shots. No matter what the conditions are, you’ll find it easier to hit from all lies.

The smaller head might be a bit more challenging for complete newbies. However, the versatility makes this hybrid suitable to more different hits. Simply put, you won’t have to spend more money on other clubs as this one can handle pretty much everything.

Speed and Accuracy

The hybrid relies on the patented Velocity Shot Technology. It’s a unique innovation that you can’t find in other manufacturers. It goes on the sole. Also, the Ghost Slot Technology targets the crown. When combined, the two features guarantee for a higher speed. Even if you hit off center, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

As for forgiveness, you can tackle hits that you couldn’t take with other clubs before.

Versatility and Confidence

The versatility is certainly a plus. You can literally hit from all lies due to the patented head design. It’s built upside down, so the CG is lower. The launch is simple and allows you to hit from uncomfortable positions too.

Knowing that you can take any shot will inevitably add to your confidence as well.

What’s to Like
  • Build quality
  • Budget price
  • Long distance shots
  • Versatile
  • Key technologies
What’s not to Like
  • Not too many configuration options
  • times-circle
    Not the most accurate club in the segment, but still surprising due to its innovative technologies



In the end, finding the best hybrid golf clubs for high handicappers is obviously a matter of personal needs. Luckily, the above mentioned models can help both amateurs and professionals. They’re versatile, but they’ll also add to the golfer’s game through their safe and comfortable designs.


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