The Best Walking Golf Bags Are

Reasons to Get Your Own Walking Golf Bag

Gaining Freedom and Flexibility

Whether it’s a new or used walking golf bag for sale, having your own carrying equipment will provide some freedom. Simply put, once you make your hit, you just have to pick the bag up and move on towards the hole. Simple as that!

At a first glance, it doesn’t look too comfortable, but you have the flexibility to go anywhere you want and wherever you want. With today’s innovative technologies, golf bags are lightweight and easy to carry around. They come with straps, so just hook them up and move on.

Skipping the Stress

Many golf courses provide carts for those who engage into long playing sessions, cannot walk long distances or simply don’t want to. While a cart can be handy, it comes with some stressful rules. The staff will literally overwhelm you. On some courses, you cannot drive the cart on the grass, so you might have to stick to concrete paths only. In other words, you’ll still have to do some walking.

How about the driving rules? The 90 degree driving rule can be a nightmare if the track is busy, not to mention your double checks. Have you set the brakes? You certainly don’t want these small stressful elements to affect your gameplay. Having your own discount walking golf bag makes it easy and convenient. Skip the stress and focus on the game only.

Saving Some Money

Be honest about it – golf is not the cheapest sport in the world, especially when compared to more popular sports like football or basketball. When you choose to buy cheap walking golf bag, you choose to save money. Golf carts don’t come for free, but can cost you per hour or round.

With time, costs add up and can easily affect your overall experience. Instead of wasting money on a cart, save it and use it to upgrade some clubs or invest in more professional equipment.

Doing Some Exercise

Last, but not least, a walking golf bag will help you stay fit and maintain your physical condition at high standards. Walking is currently the most common gym related activity in the world. It improves your heart and keeps your muscles toned.

Now that you know why you need to find the best walking golf bag on the market, what are the top rated items in this segment and most importantly, why?

Top 5 Walking Golf Bags

Construction and Sizing

Available in a cocktail of charcoal, lime and black, this golf bag provides plenty of space for all your accessories. It features a triple space design. The top is divided in three different ways. Each storage area is fully divided from the next one, so golf clubs are less likely to bang one against another and scratch.

It measures 10x13x36 inches. It’s not bulky, but large enough for most of your stuff. It weighs under 5 pounds, so it’s easy to carry around.

Storage and Comfort

Apart from the three spacious compartments, Titleist’s light walking golf bag has 6 zippered pockets for small accessories. It also comes with a beverage pocket for your drink.

In terms of comfort, you can use it as a backpack. Given its light design, it won’t put too much pressure on your back. It has a double strap for more stability. The standing legs will align to the bag and won’t be in your way. You also have a hook for hanging purposes or proper fitting in the car.

Adjustability and Stability

The 4 point straps for shoulders may not represent an innovation on today’s market, but they’re extremely simple to adjust. Also, the back padding adds to your comfort, yet it doesn’t feel like plush.

The walking golf bag 2018 from Titleist is quite stable when on the floor. The leg mechanism enhances the base for a stable position. As you pick it up, legs will go nicely under it, so they won’t get caught iin your pants.

  • More storage compartments
  • Beverage pocket
  • Can stand or be hooked
  • Easy to carry around
  • Lightweight
  • Might look old fashioned when compared to newer bags
  • times-circle
    Only has three main storage compartments

Bottom line, Titleist has created a basic, yet efficient walking golf bag that provides great value for money.

Construction and Operation

The top features a 4 way construction. It only has 2 full dividers though, so some of the ways will overlap. Storage goes a bit further with 4 zippered pockets for balls and accessories. You can even store valuables (such as your wallet) in the extra pocket lined with velor.

The standing bag features two solid legs. The system is based on carbon fiber. It’s not just good looking, but it also helps at maintaining the weight low.

Sizing and Comfort

Coming in 3 color combinations, Callaway’s best walking golf bag measures 11x35x9 inches. It’s said to be one of the lightest bags in the world – less than 2.5 pounds. Sure, it’ll hang heavier when full.

Carrying it around is quite comfortable. The system has an innovative extra strap, as well as a soft mesh hip pad.

Small Features and Durability

The valuable pocket is YKK zippered – a top-notch technology designed to make it hard to use. In other words, your stuff is safe. One of the pockets is specifically designed for a smartphone, so you won’t have to dig through random pockets trying to find it.

The best walking golf bag from Callaway is made from nylon fabric. It’s not just lightweight, but extremely durable as well. Although it’s not a hard shell material, it will withstand sharp elements and will face the taste of time.

  • Lightweight
  • Improved standing system
  • Durable design
  • Multiple pockets
  • Special pocket for valuables
  • Large clubs will fit tightly
  • times-circle
    No special place for the putter
  • times-circle
  • times-circle

Generally speaking, Callaway’s walking golf bag can stand up in the crowd with the storage space and lightweight design.

Sizing and Storage

Measuring 36x12x12 inches, Ping’s bag is standard and doesn’t feel too tight or bulky. It offers an exquisite rapport for size and storage though. It weighs 5 pounds, but it features 12 decently sized pockets – some smaller for valuables or smartphones and some larger for golf accessories.

Even when full, the bag won’t look bulky or feel heavy. Pockets are water resistant. They can keep your stuff safe on a light rain.

Comfort and Storage

The strap slider adds to the overall comfort. The material can eliminate moisture and regulate your temperature even on hot days. The bag has a flat bottom and solid legs to stand against winds too.

Apart from the 12 pockets, the main storage space is split into 5 ways and comes with 2 full dividers to prevent clubs from scratching and jumbling. The rain hood is detachable. One of the storage compartments is specifically designed to hold an umbrella.

Balance and Adjustability

The bag does a perfect job at maintaining balance. It also ensures a perfect balance between comfort and accessibility. The top is reinforced for extra durability, while the pressure on your shoulders and back is evenly distributed.

Apart from enduring everyday uses, the bag will be easy to adjust based on your body construction. The dual sliding shoulder straps are adjustable and allow an even distribution of weight.

  • Lots of storage
  • Superior standing
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable to carry
  • Water resistant
  • Hard to define water resistance
  • times-circle
    Old fashioned when compared to ultramodern bags

Materials and Sizing

Cobra’s recent waking golf bag is built with durability in mind. It’s made from 100% thick polyester that can withstand the pressure of your clubs. Pockets feature the same quality standards, apart from the valuable one, which is water resistant fleece lined.

It measures 37x17x12 inches – slightly larger than other units in this segment. Also, it weighs 4.2 pounds only – no effort involved in carrying it.

Storage and Small Features

The bag has a 5 way top, as well as full dividers. It comes with multiple pockets though – an ultra-protective one for valuables, 5 zippered pockets, a slip pocket and an insulated beverage pocket. Other beverage pockets come with a dual mesh for resistance.

In terms of small features, it has integrated lifting handles, but also a cart strap through feature. The valuable pocket is water resistant, but not waterproof.

Convenience and Versatility

The bag is easy to attach to a trolley. It’s compatible with pretty much any system, so transportation will always be convenient. You won’t necessarily need to carry it separately.

Such high versatility will prove useful when you travel with lots of luggage or on hot days when you don’t want anything on your back.

  • Lightweight
  • Can be used for carts
  • Insulated beverage pocket
  • Water resistant valuable pocket
  • Full dividers
  • Clubs might look a bit squeezed in
  • times-circle
    Sliding clubs out may not be too smooth
  • times-circle
  • times-circle

All in all, Cobra’s best walking golf bag makes a statement and provides enough storage for all your golf accessories.

Versatility and Ease of Use

Versatile and usable in more different ways, this model from Team Golf makes a good choice when looking for a walking golf bag cheap. It looks like a travel bag, so you can use it on the golf course, but also as you travel.

It features solid legs for a standing position, as well as 2 lift assist handles. An extra integrated top handle adds to its versatility.

Storage and Pockets

With a 14 way top, the bag is suitable for full golf sets. It features full length dividers to prevent losing stuff, as well as a removable rain hood. The pouch for valuables is fleece lined for water resistant, yet it’s worth noting that it’s not waterproof.

There are 5 zippered pockets, a cooler pocket, an umbrella holder and a towel ring. Apart from storing small things like your keys and smartphone, you have enough place for all your golf accessories too. Given the good value for money, this model can be a top choice when trying to find inexpensive walking golf bag.

Durability and Small Features

The bag is made from 50% nylon and 50% plastic. Both materials are synthetic and built to last. Despite not being a hard shell, it will easily withstand stress and even sharp objects.

The dual strap is adjustable, so you can set it for your own size. You have an umbrella holder for unexpected situations, while the pocket for beverages is cooler to keep your drinks at the right temperature.

  • Plenty of storage
  • Good value for money
  • Versatile
  • Sturdy legs
  • Insulated cooler pocket
  • Can’t find it in every college’s colors
  • times-circle
    Might feel too heavy for the legs when overstuffed
  • times-circle

Generally speaking, Team Golf has done a great job with a walking bag that makes a good travel bag as well.



As a short final conclusion, your options are quite diversified when trying to find the best walking golf bag. Research the front running products, match their features to your expectations and you can congratulate yourself on a good choice.

Meta: Find out what it takes to find the best walking golf bag, but also explore the best rated items in this segment, their positives and negatives.


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