The Best Golf Balls For Average Golfer are:

As an intermediary player, you do have plenty of choices when it comes to finding the best golf balls for average golfer. Forget about specialized balls or those basic training balls and opt for a middle choice instead. Most balls come with a mixture of innovative technologies and upgrades in performance. Of course, each manufacturer focused on something else – be it speed, distance or accuracy.

Choosing the right model might be daunting with so many options out there, but not impossible. If unsure, follow the crowd and opt for one of the best rated items on the market.

What to Look for in the Best Golf Balls for Average Golfer

Value for Money

You’re an average player and you’re not 100% sure about your strengths and weaknesses, not to mention your future expectations. The good news is that average balls are up to 25% cheaper than professional tour balls. This means you will benefit from a good performance and a solid durability without spending a fortune.

The Actual Feel

Often overlooked, the actual feel of a golf ball is an important consideration when trying to buy cheap golf balls. The feel is determined by the build. Generally speaking, you should opt for a tough heavy core covered in a soft layer. This build is excellent for the low compression. You’ll get a well balanced ball with good performance in speed and distance.


The actual durability will save money and reduce frustration when hunting the best golf balls for average golfer. From this point of view, opt for two or 3 piece designs. The dimple design is just as important.

Durability will save money in the long run too. The average player will stick to this sport for quite some years. Whether you lose balls or they get damaged overtime, it’s important to keep expenditures under control.

Spin and Control

Spin is essential in terms of performance. It’s highly related to the overall design, as well as the materials used in the ball composition. The core may also have a word to say. From this point of view, you’ll find multiple options – different layers, multiple technologies for the cover and so on.

Unlike the basic cheap balls, the ones for intermediary players come with a higher responsiveness.


The speed is highly determined by the core. Newer models feature modern technologies and provide a higher control. This means you’ll achieve good results with heavier multilayer cores. Obviously, the best golf balls 2018 for intermediaries will not match tour balls in speed and performance, but they’ll still deliver a high performance.

All in all, finding the best new or used golf balls for sale won’t be so hard once you know what to look for.

So, what makes them special and what are their main features? Most importantly, what are their pluses and minuses?

Top 5 Golf Balls For Average Golfers

Ideal Range and Design

TaylorMade is better known for investing in technologies related to speed and distance. This set counts a dozen balls. They’re ideal for beginners and intermediate users, as well as high handicappers – 8 to 18. Their design allows an exceptional speed and a low spin, which inevitably boosts the hitting distance. There’s no need to update your swing either.

The design is based on a 3 piece construction. In other words, it represents a more professional alternative to the basic ball, but without exaggerating with the price.

Professionalism and Feel

The set is advertised to be a tour ball set. Tour balls are generally expensive for amateurs and average golfers. They’re mostly recommended to professionals. However, TaylorMade has managed to take a professional design and features to a more affordable level. Simply put, these are professional balls for amateurs.

Compared to other balls in this segment, these ones feel extremely soft. The cover is a bit thicker, yet the core maintains a rigid construction for weight and distance.

Compression and Construction

The ball surface features 322 dimples. It’s made from seamless urethane – quite unexpected for balls in this price range. However, it does guarantee for more control.

The ball comes with a 70 compression range, yet the core is tweaked at 25 compression. In other words, the ball generates more energy and speed.

  • Great feel
  • Good value for money
  • Speed and distance
  • 3 piece construction
  • Good on the grass
  • Some colors are easier to lose
  • times-circle
    Not a major performance boost for experienced golfers
  • times-circle

Simply put, TaylorMade’s set provides a glimpse of professionalism at an amateur price.

Build and Cover

Vice Golf’s best golf balls for average golfer are based on a 3 piece construction for a more professional experience. Speed, distance and accuracy leave no room for mistakes. The core is heavy and adds to the feel.

The cover is obviously soft, yet Vice Golf took it to a new level. It’s a low compression cover that makes it softer than its competition. Moreover, the feel is more responsive. The cover is entirely made of urethane, which is also known for durability.

Durability and Design

Apart from the durable urethane cover, these balls feature a 336 dimple design. It’s directly responsible for how the ball behaves in the air, but it’s also related to a long durability.

The matte finish is another small feature worth being mentioned. Since it’s not glossy and shiny, the ball is easier to follow through the flight. You’re more likely to see where it lands, so your ball loss rate will drop.

Characteristics and Control

The outer coating is matte and makes the ball visible as it flies long distances. The respective design is achieved by using small silicate elements in the topping lacquer.

These discount golf balls are optimized to impress off the tea. The feedback is great, while the golfer gains full control over the spin.

  • Matte design for extra visibility
  • Ultra-soft cover
  • Durable dimple design
  • 3 piece construction
  • Good for handicappers
  • Might wear fast
  • times-circle
    Some colors might be hard to find in the grass
  • times-circle
  • times-circle

All in all, Vice Golf’s set can certainly add a shade of professionalism to every amateur’s game play.

Flight and Feel

The E6 model from Bridgestone is built to fly. It features the innovative Delta Dimple design technology, so it’s smooth, yet uneven. The design boosts its flying distance, as well as the speed. From this point of view, it’s ideal for high handicappers too.

It feels incredibly soft due to the thick cover. The cover will grab the power off your swing, whether you use a low driver or a long iron.

Direction and Green Side Performance

No matter what club you use, you’ll notice an instant improvement in direction and accuracy. The overall direction is also influenced by the Delta Dimple design. It eases the air resistant, but it can also face challenges from pop ups.

The green side performance is underlined by the innovative mantle. It works perfectly with the smooth cover and ensures a solid approach.

Results and Spin

These cheap golf balls come in several varieties. The soft model allows you to feel like you literally compress the ball as you transfer the energy from the club. It doesn’t offer as much feedback off the club as others though.

Bridgestone took this industry to a new level. According to its research, a slower spin is beneficial in improving the game. In other words, going for a different ball can improvise your game.

  • Extra soft cover
  • Delta Dimple construction to combat air resistance
  • Available in a few colors
  • Suitable for all clubs
  • Excellent green side performance
  • Not the longest distance in this segment
  • times-circle
    Not suitable for professional golfers and sophisticated hits
  • times-circle
  • times-circle
  • times-circle

Generally speaking, choosing the best golf balls for average golfer has never been easier, while this model leaves no room for interpretation in terms of green side performance.

Design and Speed

While you can find golf balls in all kinds of colors, Callaway has taken the design game to a brand new level. This set features chrome golf balls which look sleek, but they also come with some extra features for performance.

At the moment, Callaway is the only manufacturer relying on the new Dual Soft Fast Core construction. It’s self-explanatory. In terms of performance, it allows way more speed with a low spin. It’s ideal for players trying to improve their launching conditions.

Control and Feel

Controlling your golf ball has never been easier. These balls come with a 4 piece construction. They’re the closest you can get to actual professionals. They feature a mantle layer, as well as a tour urethane cover. You’ll also notice an impressive spin from inside 100 yards.

The soft feel is given by the low compression. The innovative core allows compressing the ball for a straighter flight. Such effects are visible in the green side performance too.

Consistency and Performance

The quality golf balls from Callaway spin more on short hits than on high hits. Also, the spin is visible around the green. It adds to consistency on short games.

The main benefits of a lower compression become obvious around the greens, as both the sound and feel are softer. There aren’t too many major differences from the previous version though.

  • Appealing design
  • 4 piece construction
  • Innovative core technology
  • Soft feel

  • Extra control
  • Tends to bounces off the face
  • times-circle
    Newbies might find these balls challenging
  • times-circle

All in all, these are the best golf balls for average golfer, yet they lack versatility, so newbies might find them a little hard to get used to.

Core and Cover

The core and cover are directly responsible for the feel, as well as the overall performance of a ball. Titleist’s best golf balls for average golfer bring in a sense of professionalism at an amateur level with the high speed LSX core. It’s lighter than in other balls, but it ensures a fast initial velocity, stunning distances and a good feel.

The NAZ+ cover adds to the overall speed. You should also expect a longer distance, while the spin is extremely low.

Flight and Versatility

The ball features a 328 tetrahedral dimple design. Air resistance is smooth and doesn’t slow the ball down too much. You should expect a high flight and a longer carry on pretty much any shot.

Versatility is obvious. You can use this ball as a newbie to help you out, as well as an amateur to gain some professional skills and results.

Aerodynamics and Availability

The dimple design relates to the aerodynamics. It allows a high flight, but it also adds to the distance. The ball is softer around the greens as well.

In terms of availability and style, you have a few different options. The new model comes with a high visible white design and an orange stamp on the side, not to mention numbers 00, 22, 77 and 99. As for colors, you got orange and pink.

  • Low spin
  • Soft construction

  • Long distance shots
  • 328 tetrahedral dimple construction
  • Fast initial velocity
  • Easy to lose in grass
  • times-circle
    Feels light when struck
  • times-circle
  • times-circle
  • times-circle

Bottom line, when trying to find inexpensive golf balls, Titleist’s set is a bit out of the segment with such features, yet it provides a unique experience worth some attention.



In conclusion, finding the best golf balls for average golfer wouldn’t be too hard if you did your homework. Know your strengths and weaknesses and make this decision with your expectations in mind.

Meta: Go through this exclusive guide on how to choose the best golf balls for average golfer, but also analyze the best selling models on the market for a better decision.

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