Here is a list of the best ​​drivers for slice:

Tending to slice tee shots? You’re not the only one! In fact, it’s a common problem, especially among new golfers. Even those with some experience may fail a shot for this reason. What do you do then? Simple! Look for the best driver for slice and your shot will improve from the first attempt. Obviously, the more you practice, the better you’ll become at such shots. However, choosing the right driver can be a bit tricky with so many options. Just like you have probably guessed already, some models do stand up in the crowd. But before getting there, why would you get a driver and what should you look for in one?

What to Look for in the Best Driver for Slice

Club Head Size

It’s said that the bigger the head is, the longer the distance turns. It’s not necessarily true, yet it tends to apply quite often.

Unless you play golf on a daily basis, you should look for a driver with a head that doesn’t exceed 450cc – or if it does, not by much. Sure, you can buy a club with a larger head. It will, indeed, boost your distance.

The Optimal Shaft

The material is often a main consideration in the shaft. You’ll find three major choices on the market – graphite, steel and titanium. Trying to find inexpensive driver for slice? Opt for steel then. It’s also slightly heavier, but it won’t make a difference.

On the other hand, a high handicapper might want to invest in titanium because it’s lighter. You’ll also hit the ball much farther. The same rule applies to graphite.

Each type might feature one of the following flexes – senior, woman, regular, stiff and extra stiff. Choosing the right one depends on the distance you normally hit.

The Driver’s Loft

Until a few years ago, golfers used to rely on drivers with little loft for a longer distance. According to some recent research, this was only a myth – no scientific facts behind it. From this point of view, the loft must be chosen with your swing speed in mind, rather than the hitting distance.

Measuring the swing speed must be done in a golf shop. If you hit under 100MPH, the loft should be 12 degrees or higher. If you’re a fast hitter, you’ll need 10 degrees.

Now that you know what a good driver for slice cheap will do for you, it’s important to discover the best rated products on the market and figure out what makes them so good.

Top 5 Drivers For Slice

Shape and Varieties

TaylorMade’s best driver for slice will impress you with its innovative shape. While it does maintain a classic appearance, it’s also enriched with ultramodern corners and lines. It comes with a charcoal gray corn and it will draw most of the attention on the course.

There are more varieties for it. You can buy it for right or left hand. It’s made from graphite, yet you can choose one of the five flexes too – woman, regular, senior, stiff and extra stiff. The loft is also customizable – 9.5, 10, 10.5 and 12 degrees, not to mention 9.5 and 10.5 unknown modifier.

Features and Improvements

In terms of features, you got a low forward center of gravity to promote a higher launch. You’ll benefit from a fast speed, plus the low spin. The intuitive SLDR sliding weight should add around 30 yards to your shot.

Other improvements include reducing the loft up to 1. You also have a 12 position loft sleeve and the Fujikura Speeder 57 technology for a greater feel.

Technology and Performance

Never compromise on modern technologies when trying to find inexpensive driver for slice. This model makes adjustability a breeze. It will take you a few seconds to take the weight away off the sliding mechanism and adjust it to a different position. Tighten it back and stop when you hear a clicking sound.

Performance will change overnight – faster speeds, a higher launch and low spin numbers. Keep in mind it’s all related to the weight, so play with the weight until you find the perfect result.

  • Futuristic look
  • Multiple varieties

  • Low forward center of gravity
  • Extra speed and distance
  • Low spin
  • Must be adjusted manually
  • times-circle
    Gauge on the top is quite large
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  • times-circle

All in all, TaylorMade’s product is modern and ready to face the ultimate challenges in the golfing world.

Technologies and Control

Callaway promises an exceptional distance with its light driver for slice – just one pound. The manufacturer has implemented its own forged hyper speed face cup into this product. Whether you hit on or off center, the ball will literally fly away.

Control leaves no room for mistakes. The head is quite large when compared to other similar units. Besides, it features plenty of extra surface. As a result, you gain more forgiveness. Another customized technology is the warbird soleplate. It allows hitting with no problems from all lies.

Options and Adjustability

There are 9 different options. You can choose the hand orientation, 3 flexes (regular, senior and stiff) and 4 degree adjustments (15, 19, 20.5 and 21 degrees). It lacks 2 flexes, but you’ll be fine.

The optfit is adjustable. Practically, you can tune the wood to any setting. There are 8 different options. Basically, you can work on the loft (add or take off), but you can also work on the lie angle, regardless of your swing.

Technology and Hitting

This model brings in the most sophisticated technologies from Callaway in just one thing. The single head has everything you need for performance. For example, the hyper speed cup face boosts the speed, while the sole adds to efficiency.

The large head is responsible for increasing the MOI too. In other words, you gain more forgiveness.

  • Several top technologies
  • Deeply adjustable
  • Comes in more varieties
  • Superior control
  • Exceptional distance
  • Large head might be uncomfortable at first

  • times-circle

    Sometimes it comes with a cover, other times it doesn’t

  • times-circle

All in all, Callaway’s driver is excellent for the deep adjustability. Your skill level becomes irrelevant once you get used to it.

Sizing and Tracks

TaylorMade’s driver for slice weighs one pound only. It’s surprisingly light given its slightly oversized head – 460cc. The big head will add to your forgiveness. It’s large enough to improve distance, but without sacrificing accuracy.

The back track features a 10 gram weigh. It adjusts for multiple settings – low, medium or high launch, as well as the spin. As for the front track, you have a 15 gram weight for multiple settings. All these features add to the aerodynamics.

Technologies and Customization

TaylorMade couldn’t overlook the Fujikura Pro technology. The 60 gram shaft is designed to last and perform. It’s made from graphite. Golfers will also benefit from the top-notch Lamkin Performance 360 grip.

When it comes to customization, you can choose the hand orientation, graphite type, flex (just 4 options, as the woman flex misses) and loft (8.5, 9.5, 10.5 and 12 degrees).

Construction and Technical Tweaks

When compared to previous models, the main changes can be observed in the overall construction. You’ll find plenty of carbon in the design of this driver – 43%. It’s quite visible in the toe panel. It saves volume and it keeps the weight down.

On another note, the hosel used in previous models was made from plastic. Using it didn’t provide a safe feeling of safety and durability. With this new model, it’s made from aluminum. Besides, it is also backward compatible.

  • Deeply customizable
  • More types of graphite

  • Large head, but lightweight
  • Good distance
  • Maintains accuracy
  • Takes time to get used to it
  • times-circle
    Grip might be uncomfortable for some golfers
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  • times-circle

All in all, this driver allows a good customization, can clear the slice and improve distance while still maintaining accuracy.

Head and Track

The head is perfectly optimized to increase distance and still maintain accuracy. It will take some while to get used to it though, especially as it’s quite large – 460cc. The low forward center of gravity guarantees for a low spin too.

TaylorMade has relied on a brand new front track system for this driver. Its main role is to reduce spin, but also to increase the sweet spot size.

Design and Customization

The shaft carries the Fujikura Speeder 57 Evolution features. It’s made from graphite, so the whole driver is lightweight – around a pound. It measures 48 inches in length – standard size. On another note, the Lamkin UTX grip ensures a stable and comfortable swing.

When it comes to customization, you have the hand orientation, 4 flexes and 4 choices for the loft – 9.5, 10.5, 12 and 14 degrees.

Technologies and Numbers

The most innovative technology in this model is the track located right behind the face. It comes with 2 weights – 12.5g each. They’re both sliding. In other words, you gain 25g of extra mass that you can move in plenty of different positions.

All these numbers allow you to adjust forgiveness and distance. The FTS (Front Track System ) boosts 40g of weight. It’s quite close to the face of the club – just 12mm. The center of gravity is practically a bit forward, but also lower.

  • Customizable
  • Good grip
  • Lightweight
  • Large head

  • New track system for low spin
  • Lower launch point than other similar models
  • times-circle
    Takes time to fix the slice
  • times-circle
  • times-circle

All in all, this is the best driver for slice if you’re looking for technology and maximum forgiveness.

Looks and Sizing

Looking to buy cheap driver for slice? This could be the best driver for slice if you want both good looks and performance at an affordable price. The futuristic design of the shape will draw lots of attention, while the matte white finish adds a sense of style. You also have a black PVD face, as well as a linear AeroBurner crown graphic. It’s not all about looks, but also about alignment.

The large 460cc head has an aerodynamic shape. The round center crown reduces the drop. The shaft features the Matrix Speed RUL-Z 50 technology.

Features and Technologies

You only have three flexes – regular 49g, senior 50g and stiff 52g. The configuration allows you to choose from 3 options for the loft – 9.5, 10.5 and 12 degrees. The new speed pocket reduces the spin, but it also increases the sweet spot size.

Apart from the innovative graphite shaft, the TM Speed Grip technology allows you to hit at full power without worrying about your swing.

Protection and Less Drag

Worried about dust and debris? This model comes with a speed pocket insert. It’s insignificant at a first glance, yet it makes an exquisite debris cover. It’s also flexible for more convenience.

As for the drag caused by hosel, the aero hosel technology takes care of it. The drag is dramatically reduced in the attempt to improve performance.

  • Good value for money
  • Excellent grip

  • Less spin
  • Large sweet spot
  • Aerodynamic head
  • Funny cling noise when you hit the ball
  • times-circle
    No adjustability
  • times-circle

While stiff and rough, this driver for slice will improve your game without any random bells and whistles.



Bottom line, the best driver for slice is a concept that varies from one golfer to another. Find out what works for you and make this choice with your needs in mind.

Meta: Buy the best driver for slice to fix your game, but not without researching the main considerations and the best selling items in this segment.


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