If you are on the market for new golf irons, it’s very easy to find highly recommended clubs. This is not the hard part. The hard part in making your selection involves picking clubs recommended by people who are in the same shoes as you.

Make no mistake, if a golf expert recommends a set of clubs, that recommendation only makes sense to people who have the same skill level.

The following golf clubs I’ve reviewed are intended for high handicappers. If you are just finding your way around the golf course or you’ve just been turned on to golf recently, these are the most optimal clubs for your needs.

Don’t fall for expert or intermediate clubs because their design configuration as well as the concerns that they address don’t actually match your particular circumstances.

These are the Best Amateur Golf Clubs You could Ever Buy in 2018:

TaylorMade M2 Irons

These irons are very popular for a good reason. They sell really well because of the fact that they carry the right brand. TaylorMade is one of the biggest and most well-known brands in the market. If you are just starting out with golf, it makes a lot of sense to go with a popular brand. Instead of rolling the dice on an unknown or even a no-name brand, going with a ‘tried and proven’ manufacturer name in golf gives you certain level of assurance.

You have to understand that TaylorMade would not have turned into such a solid brand if they produced low quality clubs. Brands are built on consistent long term performance. After all, bad news travels so much faster than good news. The fact that a company is able to create a long-lasting reputation for performance speaks volumes to how reliable their products can be. At the very least, their brand reputation implies their manufacturing processes are reliable enough to produce a certain guaranteed minimum level of performance and results. There are no two ways about it, going with a brand like TaylorMade should give you some assurance at some level or other. This is the bottom line.

As far as brand ranking goes, TaylorMade is not exactly at the bottom of the golf club quality totem pole. Indeed, it consistently ranks pretty well. How come? As the old saying goes, where there is smoke, there is fire. There is a good reason why golfers at all skill levels, from all over the world, rank the TaylorMade brand very highly. They can vouch for its reliability and ability to produce results.

If you are an amateur golfer, the TaylorMade M2 golf clubs should take care of all your needs.

You have to understand that if you’re just starting out, your needs are actually very basic. You need to hit the ball straight, you need to get it airborne, and you need to hit that ball very far. I’m happy to report that the M2 series takes care of all these needs.

On top of that, these clubs are also quite noteworthy for their price. I have yet to hear of somebody burning a hole through their pocket paying for these set of clubs.

The Inside Scoop on the M2s

One of the biggest challenges in golf is to launch the golf ball correctly. Getting it airborne is one thing, getting close to the right direction is another matter entirely. This is one of the biggest challenges for any golf amateur.

While most manage to hit the ball, most beginners struggle to hit it with the right force. It’s very rare that you would find somebody that can move the ball with a 9-iron close to 140 yards. That rarely happens.

Usually, if your point of contact is wrong or your swing speed is on the low side, it’s really very hard to hit the ball the right way. Either its lift is going to suffer, or it’s just not going to go far. Thankfully, the TaylorMade M2s were designed to address these issues.

While these clubs can help you maximize your control, at the end of the day, you still have to put in the right amount of time and focus taking care of your golf swing. Don’t think that you just need to buy these clubs and all of a sudden your golf game will miraculously improve. It doesn’t work that way. While these tools do a great job of providing lift and power to your swing, you still have to practice the proper positioning as well as ball focus.

These Clubs Give You Lift and Go the Distance

As I’ve mentioned above, the big challenge with golf for beginners is to hit the ball well enough so it can go really far and it can reach the right height. Make no mistake about it, if you were to hit a golf ball with a tremendous amount of force, but it remains fairly close to the ground, you’re not going to cover that much distance. That’s just not going to happen. On the other hand, you can hit the ball really hard and lift it way up in the air, but a pop fly type of contact is not going to go very far. I hope you see the issues here.

And in terms of design, the M2s have two features that enable you to get the lift and distance that you are looking for.

Fluted Hosels

When you look closely at the hosel of your M2 irons, you would see a fluting design in the metal. Basically, TaylorMade designed their clubs this way to provide space for optimal ball contact while at the same time reducing the weight of the golf club head.

This is pure genius. You get the same coverage area, but your golf club is lighter so you can exert a lot more control and focus on it.

According to some estimates, this fluted design shaves off around 5 grams from the hosel. This is a big deal because a typical hosel, if you hold it wrong or your technique is off, can be quite awkward to hold. You can bet your ball contact and its lift, as well as range, will suffer accordingly.

Extra Strong Lofts

TaylorMade M2 Irons were designed to go the distance. Not surprisingly, this company has invested in extra strong loft design for this club model. You actually get the kind of loft that normally goes with a 9-iron with this pitching wedge.

Although the length of the club is pretty standard, your loft’s degree is improved. Because of the strength of the shaft, you would be able to exert a lot more force on your swing. This accommodates a stronger transference of energy producing longer ball distance.

The loft on these M2 clubs is around 43.5 inches. Now, you may be thinking that this is on the low end as far as pitching wedges go, however, they’re designed in such a way that your ball is put in the air at a high level so this dispenses with all unnecessary worries about having to hit line drives. Your ball can actually go quite a long distance even if your loft is lower. Crazy, right?

The Final Word

If you are looking for a relatively easy to use set of irons, the TaylorMade M2 model is the way to go. It gives you a tremendous amount of power and enough control so you can achieve pretty impressive ball heights while you’re still feeling your way around the game.

People who have just picked up golfing need to see results quickly, and these clubs can help encourage you to keep practicing and put more time into your technique.

TaylorMade M1 Irons

The big draw of this model is the manufacturing technology behind it. TaylorMade packed quite a bit of new manufacturing techniques into this model. You can see it in these clubs’ design and performance.

While your use of these clubs still ensures that you comply with basic golf rules, a lot of traditional golfers don’t like this model. They don’t like it, not because they think it sucks or it performs poorly. They don’t like it not because they think it was manufactured improperly or badly designed. After all, this product comes with one of the most trusted names in the contemporary gold equipment market-TaylorMade. Nope.

Instead, they’re worried that amateur golfers would get an unfair advantage because of the great design and the technology that went into this model line. Call it self-serving. Call it shallow and short-sighted. It, nonetheless, is real. Many golf pros believe these clubs give golf greenhorns a wholly undeserved competitive advantage on the course.

If you are a beginner or intermediate golfer, and you’re looking for a quick advantage, definitely take a long, hard look at the M1 irons. They may look smaller, but don’t let their sleek and relatively petite packaging fool you. These clubs definitely pack quite a bit of performance. How? It all boils down to handling and the fact that their heads are move forgiving (as far as ball impact and strike angles are concerned) than your typical run of the mill golf clubs or, of course, steel blades.

The Big Picture

If you’re looking to master your golf game, you probably already know that you have quite a bit of a journey ahead of you. It takes quite a bit of focus, attention to detail, and course time to get to the skill level you are shooting for. This applies across the board. It doesn’t matter whether you are a complete and total beginner or you are a seasoned pro.

However, if you are just starting out or you are getting close to intermediate level, you want to boost your confidence. You don’t want to get the impression that you’re just wasting your time slashing and hacking away at the course with nothing to show for it.

These clubs are intended to give you that burst of confidence because you can see the results immediately. You can launch the ball effectively into the air, you can target your swing fairly well, and to top it all off, these clubs don’t cost all that much money.

All these are very encouraging and ensures newbie golfers stay on the course longer and show up more often. The more you practice and the more games you cycle through, the more you enhance your skills. It all boils down to seeing fairly quick results for all that time you spend under the sun slicking, hacking, and swinging away on the green.

These clubs definitely go a long way in boosting your optimism because you see instant results. Now, they aren’t the very best results but at least you’re getting the ball up in the air and out there. Seeing this makes you want to improve your game. The more time and effort you put in, the more your skills improve. That’s how things work out on the course (and by extension, to pretty much everything else in life-skill often tracks repetition and effort).

If you are looking for a great set of clubs as you try to work your way up to intermediate skill levels, this is a great choice.

Built for Intermediate Skill Levels

Let’s get one thing clear, while beginners can benefit from M1 irons, you probably would be better off holding off on these clubs until you have reached intermediate skill levels. That’s when these clubs truly make a lot of sense.

Now, I’m not saying that you would completely fail with them if you are a beginner, but they’re really built for intermediate players who have developed a certain level of focus and targeted strength when trying to direct the ball in a more conscious way.

Also, if you are making shots that require flatter trajectories and higher levels of ball control, the M1 has you covered. The M2 gives you a short burst of power, but the control simply is not there. So I would suggest that you start out with the M2 and once you have gotten the basics out of the way and are ready to graduate to a more targeted and focused swing, the M1 should take care of you. The M2 is very forgiving, but the M1 gives you the focus that you are looking for.

Design Notes

A lot of people are intimidated by the look of the M1. It’s easy to see why. It’s pretty thin up top and it doesn’t have the classic cavity back look irons normally have.

The traditional irons have a clunky appearance because of the volume of metal at their back. The M1 is very sleek, and this of course translates to a lighter weight, which enables you to direct more focus on the head of the club. This translates to you hitting the ball more often.

TaylorMade was able to marry proper coverage with relatively lower club head weight by using a slotted hole and a tungsten toe design. It’s able to do this without packing too much weight onto the club’s head. It doesn’t look freakish. Instead, it’s nice, sleek and powerful, but maximizing control.

These irons also give a nice range of sizes. You can start off with small heads for wedges, and they get larger from that point on. In terms of its long irons, the M1 line also gives you more offset.

Now, you may be thinking that TaylorMade shaved off quite a bit of material from their clubs, but you actually can’t tell from the appearance of these clubs. It doesn’t look like TaylorMade nickeled and dimed these designs. Instead, everything looks sleek, compact and designed for performance.

Speed Slot Design

When you turn your club to the side, you would see a nice slot. This empty cavity functions as a speed enabler for this clubs’ sole. This speed pocket lightens the overall head so you can hit the ball at maximum impact. It does so without shaving off surface area from the face of the club.

This is a great design because the club face is still big enough for you to easily hit the ball while being light enough for you to maximize your focus and strength output. This gives you the energy conversion you need to not only push the ball up, but direct it quite far. Talk about flexibility.

And it really is done by design. This is quite ingenious because normally, manufacturers would shave off the material. Instead, TaylorMade still gives you the same coverage area while reducing weight. Instead of feeling the weight of club drag down in key segments of your swing, you get a nice light swing that actually packs quite a bit of power. Talk about a great newbie-friendly formula! You don’t have to painstakingly ‘mix’ and focus your swing to get the ball to go where you want it to go. This TaylorMade product’s design provides ready, and dare we say easy, results.

Very Driver-Oriented Design

There are many expensive custom golf clubs out there. They’re quite pricey because they have been customized to match the swing of their owners.

If you are the typical rank and file golf club owner, you probably can’t afford a fully customized a set of clubs. While you do get some level of customization, at least it feels like it, with the M1 line.

Given the small cavity that they put at these M1 iron’s hosel back, you would be able to better adjust your iron’s angle for fitting. This customized fitting enables you to improve your game quite a bit because it varies from golfer to golfer.

The Final Word

If you’re an advanced beginner to intermediate golfer, and you have pretty much graduated from simply lifting up the ball and hitting it hard enough to go far, the M1 Irons line is a natural second step for you. The M2 should be your first step, but the M1 is a great intermediate selection because they give you both power and precision. You must be able to focus the ball to perform at intermediate levels and these clubs are so packed with technology and clever designs that they are able to deliver both elevation and distance in a neat, little package.

Titleist AP3 Irons

Titleist, just in case you’ve been hiding under a rock for a few decades, is one of the best known golf club brands on the planet. Part of its renown, of course, can be traced to its long sponsorship relationship with many of the sports’ biggest names-least of which is Tiger Woods. In addition to investing heavily on endorser and influence marketing, Titleist is also no slouch when it comes to product research and development. Most of their lines reflect cutting edge technology in terms of design and manufacturing processes. Case in point, the AP3 Irons reminds us why Titleist is so well known. If you are looking for distance, these irons are definitely designed for you.

Now, there’s quite a bit of an offset here, however. For these clubs to deliver significant distance improvement, your golf skill levels must be high enough. I guess that’s just a polite way of saying that these are not newbie irons. You already have to know your way around the golf course and you already have to have a decent swing for you to fully benefit from these clubs. You should have made it past the stage where you just provide a general direction and a nice burst of power. In contrast, for this Titleist product to work its magic, you need to exercise some finesse in both how you grip the club, swing your arm and position your hips and body. It takes quite a bit of skill and a whole lot swing control.

The good news is, if you have hit a wall as far as your drive’s distance is concerned, the AP3 is a powerful tool that would enable you to improve your range.

Increased Club Head Size

Now, you may be thinking, “how will this club help me hit the ball farther?” The secret lies in the size of the AP3’s head. Previous versions, like the AP2 as well as the AP1, have smaller heads and you really have to be a very skilled golfer to hit the ball at maximum force. They’re not very forgiving because of the smaller head surface area.

The AP3 features a larger area and this gives you more leeway. You don’t have to hit the ball perfectly. Its coverage area gives you some wiggle room, and this gives you the opportunity to really put your shoulder in there and push out more energy as you swing. This combination of more forgiveness and higher force accommodation produces longer ball distance.

Improved Head Design

Using the 455-type of stainless steel, the Titleist AP3 stands apart from other irons. While the other portions of the club’s head is made of 17.4 stainless steel, the club’s face is made of 455 stainless. This combination of alloys enables you to launch easier from the face while producing quite a bit of speed. As a result, the ball goes a longer way and is more manageable as far as targeting is concerned.

Please note that as powerful as this model’s new head design may seem, don’t get the mistaken impression that you only need to buy this piece of equipment and your game will dramatically improve. No. You already have to know how to target the ball. You have to have a high enough skill level for optimal targeting for you to truly benefit from this changed design.

Tungsten Loading

The AP3 pretty much carries the design innovation of the AP2 when it comes to weighting using a tungsten perimeter. While tungsten tends to be on the heavy side, Titleist designed the AP3 sole to carry a higher concentration of this metal while distributing it out near the toe.

This produces an increased level of stability because the face of this golf club is effectively nice and square when you swing it. The high impact creates a square effect, and this stabilizes the ball which boosts your shot’s accuracy.

The big difference between the AP2 and this model is the face size of the head. And this allows for slightly more forgiveness. You don’t have to hit the ball dead on. Instead, you get a little play. So if even if you don’t hit it right center, you should still be okay if all other factors are present in your swing.

Although the AP3 is more forgiving than many clubs, you can’t base your whole game on this feature. You still have to calibrate your shots right. You can’t get sloppy and think the club’s going to instantly take your game to a whole higher (and undeserved) level. Sadly, that’s just not going to happen. You have to have the necessary mimum skill level for this set of clubs to do their thing.


A lot of golfers really like the AP3 because of its very sleek look. It’s fairly thin at the top. This matches many players’ existing preference. The clubs don’t look all that bulky. This combination of sleekness and a compact form makes this club model look much more accessible than other club lines available in the market.

Why is this a big deal? Why does this matter? Well, if you are intimidated by the look or the design of your golf equipment, don’t be surprised if your performance suffers. You want to use tools that are comfortable to you.

While nobody can accuse you of being flashy when you bring AP3 irons, they have a classy and elegant look that would definitely make you look good. Although a lot of traditional golfers tend to prefer the simplicity of forged irons, they will quickly get used to the design of the AP3. It does jump out at you at the beginning, but eventually, it sinks in especially if you get the distance and the ball focus you’re looking for.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for distance, the Titleist AP3 is a good choice. These irons give you a bit more forgiveness as far as ball contact is concerned. This is quite a bonus considering that a traditional iron that carries the Titleist brand are very particular. They’re not all that forgiving.

It also looks very modern and sleek. Overall, this package gives you improvement as far as distance is concerned as well as improved ball focus and direction.

Now, the downside of the AP3 Irons is the fact that you need to have a fairly high skill level to make these perform for you. Despite their larger faces, you can’t develop a false sense of confidence with these clubs. While they do pack the technology and design you need to extend your balls’ reach, these not automatic. If you’re looking to unlock the benefits these clubs bring to the table, you have to have a high enough golf skill level.

Callaway Rogue Irons

If you’re looking for a long distance club and you want to look good going the distance, the Callaway Rogue Irons is right up your alley. When you look at these clubs, you can tell that Callaway has really gotten on the high tech bandwagon that has really revolutionized the golf club industry.

If you grew up in a golfing family, you might have had the distinct pleasure of golfing with your grandparents. If they used traditional clubs, you might have developed the mindset that golf clubs have to look a certain way, weigh a certain amount, and convey a distinct feeling when you’re gripping its handle. Callaway’s Rogue Irons model easily disrupts these… in a very good way.

Gone are the days of your grandfather’s golf clubs. The Rogue irons look nowhere near like a traditional golf club, but it has a lot more going for it than its looks. It looks a certain way for a reason.

Callaway is definitely a big fan of the old saying, “form after function.” Don’t think for a second that the sleek or almost space age look of these golf clubs are superficial and purely cosmetic. They’re not.

These Clubs are Packed with Technology

Starting with Callaway’s XR OS irons released last year, Callaway has gone out of its way to pack a lot of technology into its golf clubs. The big breakthrough with the XR OS is Callaway’s 360 face cup design. This technology enhances the speed the ball bounces off the club’s face. Once you achieve maximum impact, the ball doesn’t just carry the force that you directed to it. It actually bounces off the club face and this leads to a greater distance coverage.

Callaway’s face cup design has made it quite a bit of a favorite among experienced golfers who are out for distance. Assuming you already know how to maximize your distance naturally through several years of training and effort, this Callaway product gives you that extra edge that could translate to longer ball distances.

While your swing’s fine tuning and targeted energy release can lift the ball high enough to go some serious distance, it might not go far enough. These clubs’ face cup design can boost distance by channeling your swing’s force in a very targeted and efficient way. Of course, the more skilled you are, the more your ball’s distance will be enhanced.

On top of this, Callaway introduced VFT or variable face thickness technology. This design makes the perimeter part of the golf club much more flexible, which allows it to release upon impact with the ball.

By marrying cup face and VFT technology, Callaway produced a club that propels the golf balls really fast while covering maximum distance. That’s the kind of value you get with the Callaway Rogue Irons.

Perimeter Weighting with Tungsten

In addition to the cup face as well as VFT, the Callaway Rogue Irons also feature weighting for its perimeter. This extra touch adds additional weight near the bottom end of the club and directs it away from its front end.

Please note that the different irons that make up the Callaway Rogue Irons are weighed differently to match each component club head size and length. This design element intends to enhance the club’s ability to strike the ball accurately by working on its center of gravity.

This is a good idea because, as you probably already know, the more flexible a club is in terms of accommodating less than perfect shots, the better your off-center shot results will be. In the hands of a skilled golfer, all these Callaway technologies can add up to quite a bit of a score improvement on the course.

Urethane Microsphere Feature

The cup face of the Callaway Rogue Irons is actually quite thin. If left naked, it would probably vibrate and sound really bad when you swing it. To offset this, Callaway got custom technology from 3M so it can come up with a custom urethane coating.

This surface material is equipped with many little urethane microspheres. When you swing the club and put pressure on these microspheres, they actually become flat. This technology cuts down on the typical vibration problem that afflicts similarly designed clubs with thin faces.

Thanks to urethane microspheres, Callaway’s Rogue clubs can be swung at a very high rate of speed without nasty sound and vibration issues that can cut down on accuracy.

Sleek Look

If you’re a traditionalist, this Callaway is probably going to throw you off quite a bit. It definitely doesn’t look like your grandfather’s golf clubs. However, you need to look past appearances. It may seem like you’re swinging something that is completely strange and different, but when you look at the technology the Callaway Rogue Irons bring to the table, they actually look good for a high tech club because, as strange as they may seem to you and other traditional golfers, they actually look good for high tech clubs. They definitely look better designed and sleek compared to other tech-heavy club lines currently on the market.

Impressive Lift

If you’re looking for a nice lift the moment you hit a golf ball, this club can definitely deliver. If you’re looking for extra distance, you probably already know that lift plays a big role in whether that’s going to happen or not.

This Callaway club line definitely delivers when it comes to strong lofts. With enough practice, you can find just the right mix of power and loft to maximize your distance.

For example, this collection’s pitching wedge has an angle orientation of 44 degrees. This is actually quite typical for a 9-iron. With that said, the other irons you have in your bag also feature the kind of progressive gapping that you would normally get from traditional clubs.

So you kind of get the best of both worlds. You just need to experiment with each club to find the right loft that you’re looking for, depending on where you are at the course.

The Final Word

If you’re looking for a lot of technology packed into a small, compact area, all intended to maximize performance, the Callaway Rogue Irons are definitely right up your alley. This set of clubs work best for intermediate to highly skilled golfers. However, even if you are just still feeling your way around the course, the higher level of impact forgiveness these irons deliver can be quite welcome indeed. So ideally, you should focus on getting your trajectory up at a decent level, and then investing in these high tech clubs.

Callaway Epic Irons

Callaway is quite a brand in the golf club market. They’re definitely not newbies. They’re not wet behind the ears. They’re very well respected. And one of their hallmarks is that they always offer products that match current market trends.

Keep this in mind when sizing up Callaway Epic Irons. The Epic model is apparently Callaway’s answer to the recent trend of luxury golf clubs. Represented by new companies like PXG, the luxury golf club market is relatively new, but obviously very lucrative.

For the longest time, golf club manufacturers would usually try to strike a balance between the amount of technology they would pack into a club and cost considerations to the end user. Well, that old equation pretty much got thrown out of the window with the rise of new companies like PXG that plays up the luxury dimension of fairly expensive clubs. As a result of this new market trend, Callaway came up with its Callaway Epic Irons model.

What accounts for the rise of the luxury golf club market? Well, it’s been a long running open secret that one of the best ways to network for business deals and strategic relationships is to head out to the golf course and put in a few rounds. This tends to attract a well-heeled business crowd. Whenever you get business executives and movers and shakers in any one place, there’s bound to be a demand for the right social status symbols. This plays out on ski slopes as well as golf courses. What better way to let your golf buddies know that you take the game very seriously than bonafide luxury golf clubs? If anything, it gives you a very recognizable conversation piece as you try to gain attention and get a business deal or two going.

Enhanced Face Cup Technology

One of the key technological innovations that separate Callaway from its competitors is its face cup technology. It really leads the market when it comes to this type of technology due to its many iterations and well thought out comprehensive design. And for Epic irons, Callaway uses a 360 face cup enhancement. This improvement seeks to maximize performance improvements made possible by earlier ‘plain vanilla’ face designs.

While face cup technology already enhances ball speed, impact and distance, the 360 enhancement for the Epic line used the thinness of the club head face to extremes. We’re talking about as low as 1mm. The idea here is to maximize flexibility as well as jack up ball rebound strength as it hits the club’s face. This feature dramatically increases ball distance.

Exo-cage Feature

This feature is actually not new to Callaway. They’ve featured it previously in their Big Bertha OS line. Still, it’s fairly new technology. Given the improvements it makes possible, we suspect that this innovation won’t remain solely with Callaway. Expect other manufacturers to come up with their (not so obvious) versions.

What makes this really noteworthy is that while it’s quite complex, the design is geared to use the golf club’s face to absorb more of the ball’s impact. This channels the energy created by the collision between the club and the ball to maximize energy transference.

You have to understand that it’s not just the face of the golf club that is hitting the ball. It’s actually the whole shaft channeling energy, ending at the end of the golf club. Exo-cage construction is intended to maximize the club’s restitution coefficient. This is a measure of how much kinetic energy is passed on or wasted.

By minimizing wasted energy and directing and focusing as much of it as possible onto the ball, the objective is to produce longer distances.

Tungsten Weighting

Callaway is quite known for its use of tungsten for weighting its clubs. The idea here is to increase the weight near the bottom of the club while directing it away from the face of the club. This technique enables the golfer’s center of gravity to produce greater consistency as well as improved lift.

According to research and countless testing, the lower you can get a golf club head’s center of gravity, the greater the ball’s altitude.

Hollow Hosels

If the tungsten weighting technology of these clubs don’t really impress you, take a look at its hosels. These are hollowed out so as to take away 20 grams of weight. This makes the club generally more stable. When you swing, you don’t have that extra 20 grams throwing you off.

In line with the heavier bottom of the golf club head, it’s easy to see how experienced golfers can maximize control while putting out quite a bit of power on the ball. This, of course, combines to hopefully longer distances.

High Value Shafts

Callaway Epic Irons also come with free shaft upgrades. You cannot underestimate the power of a shaft. It actually is the conductor of the energy released by the golfer. If you have a bad conductor, not enough energy will make it to the club head and your performance will suffer.

Callaway Epic Irons is designed to maximize energy transference, not just at the head of the club, but also throughout the shaft. This is why they offer premium shaft upgrades. These are available for free, but since Callaway Epic Irons cost in excess of $1,500, the word “free” kind of rings hollow in this context. Still, we are talking about premium clubs.

These Clubs are Works of Beauty

Let’s get one thing clear, a lot of “game improver” irons have a bad reputation. Now, I’m not saying that they perform badly. In fact, a lot of them really improve your game. Their bad reputation arises more from the way they look.

Since they are designed to produce certain ball loft and distance results, they can look quite awkward and clunky. You don’t get that impression with Callaway Epic Irons. These shaft heads are designed to look very sleek.

Still, if you are a purist and want to swing classic looking clubs, Callaway’s luxury Epic line does have a more traditional option called Callaway Epic Pro Irons. You get the same performance enhancements of its Epic offering, but these look more normal because their club heads are smaller and has the classic forged iron appearance.

The Bottom Line

Callaway definitely delivers with this product. They were not screwing around when they chose the name “Epic.” Not only are these clubs engineered with a tremendous mix of technology, aesthetics and performance, you can definitely improve if you use these clubs.

While distance is the primary focus of these clubs, they have so much technology and so many premium features that your game, overall, would improve. Not only do you get improved energy transference and increased focus and control, but you benefit across the board.

Also, since these are Callaway clubs, you do get quite a bit of a status symbol since everybody would know, just by looking at your clubs, that these are premium luxury clubs produced by one of the most trusted names in all of golf.

TaylorMade P750 Tour Proto Irons

As you probably already know, whenever golf club manufacturers put the word “Tour” on any of their club lines, people’s expectations go up. After all, when you go to watch pro golfers on a tour, you are treated to golf performance that is on a truly otherworldly level. Well, at least, you should be. Not to say the least, the word ‘tour’ when mentioned in any kind of golf context brings to mind concepts such as: excellence, control, focus, ball direction, and ball discipline. This is one of those double-edged situations where manufacturers really can’t play fast and loose with certain labels, otherwise, things will blow up in their faces. That’s how powerful the word “Tour” is. It raises expectations.

Put simply, if you’re going to put the word “Tour” on a product, then you better deliver an above average performance, whether through technology or design, to deserve that label. Thankfully, TaylorMade, one of the most renowned brands in the market, actually hit a home run with its TaylorMade P750 Tour Proto Irons.

Now, when it comes to performance and looks, these clubs truly deliver. There is one downside, however. They’re not cheap. Not by a long shot. Keep that in mind.

However, as you probably already know, if you are looking for maximum performance, you should be ready to step up in terms of cost. Believe me, these clubs are definitely worth the few extra dollars.

Great Handling

The first thing that you would notice when you look at the TaylorMade P750 Irons is that they look very sleek, traditional and light. In other words, you get all the visual signals you would need to set you at ease.

They’re not intimidating, they don’t feel like you’re wielding some sort of alien contraption like you would with Callaway high tech clubs. These irons look very familiar, but are designed in such a way as to maximize performance.

Now, you may be thinking that there’s really not much difference between these clubs and the P770 Irons. However, you only need to look closely to see the difference. The top line with these irons is actually thinner. Highly skilled players only need to take one look at that feature to get the confidence that they need. It is a very reassuring design.

Really Heavy Price Tag

The P750 Tour Proto Irons are designed to maximize loft and really go the distance. They are also very durable. TaylorMade products have generally been documented to last up to a decade. 5 years to 10 years is not a problem with most TaylorMade products.

The key sticking point here, however, is the fact that these clubs are going to set you back quite a bit. You stand to suffer some sticker shock. These are around $1,600.

That price tag is enough to make even the most hardcore and dedicated golfer think twice. Sure, your performance improves, but you have to justify that price. Not surprisingly, highly skilled golfers are the natural market for these clubs.

If you’re still feeling your way around the golf course, spending $1,600 for a set of golf clubs should probably not be at the top of your agenda. You should focus first on getting the basics down, moving to intermediate clubs, and then when you’re ready for some fine tuned enhancement, step up to these clubs.

Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You

If, for some reason, you got your hands on these clubs, you better be ready for it. It really would be quite tragic if you actually spent at least $1,600 to get your hands on these clubs and you end up not getting the results you’re looking for.

You have to understand that these clubs are designed with such thin and small club faces that they are not very flexible. Seriously. There’s really not much forgiveness when it comes to your swing.

You have to know what you’re doing and operate with a high level of precision for these clubs to work their magic. You don’t get a lot of leeway with your swing, so you have to already be at a very high skill level for these clubs to make sense.

On top of that, they also cost an arm and a leg. It is no surprise that if you run across bad reviews of this product, you can pretty much bet that whoever wrote that review is either a beginner or an intermediate golfer. Golfers who really know their game truly appreciate the TaylorMade P750. That’s why these clubs cost so much money. They really are for specialists.

The Final Word

If you are looking for highly specialized game improvement premium clubs, you can’t do worse than the TaylorMade P750 Tour Proto Irons. They’re very impressive and it’s easy to see why. You can actually improve your game quite a bit using these irons.

Now, the big downside with these clubs is the fact that you have to have the skill level to use them properly. If you want to unlock the benefits they bring to the table, you have to be near the high end of the golf skills range to truly unlock their value.

These clubs are on our best clubs list because they truly are top performers for top line golfers. By top line, we’re talking not just about people with the budget, but also people with the skills.

TaylorMade P770 Irons

The P770 series of golf clubs from TaylorMade have everything you would expect from this golf club maker’s high end offerings. If you’re looking for the right angles, the sleek lines, and all the indicators of elegance and performance, these blades definitely bring that to the table.

They are more affordable than the P750 Tour Proto line. It’s easy to see why. Instead of pure blades, these are actually forged irons. Still, you can’t tell just by their look.

Now, please understand that if you have fairly high golf skills, these golf clubs are definitely a possibility for you. You should definitely consider them. But if you are just a newbie, a complete beginner, or somebody who is still struggling, hacking and slicing your way through the course, you probably would be better off with a TaylorMade M2 Irons or their M1 series. These clubs are not very forgiving when it comes to ball impact.

Elite Performance

Although these clubs tend to be cheaper than the Tour Proto Irons made by the same manufacturer, the TaylorMade P770 Irons really are not intended for people who are just starting out. They are not very flexible in terms of forgiveness. You have to hit the ball just right. They require a tremendous amount of precision for them to deliver the expanded range and performance you would expect from them.

Average golf players are not going to have a good time playing with these golf clubs, to be honest. They require too high of a skill level. If your handicap is very high, this is probably not the best option for you. Now, if you tend to score in the lower 80s or even below that, this P770 line might just be the tool set you need to take your golf game to where it needs to go.

The Power of Shot Shaping

What makes these golf clubs so demanding is their construction. They help you shape the ball you’re hitting without the danger of over-spinning. You’re kind of walking a thin line between shaping the ball so as to make it go to where you need it to go, but at the same time, if you use the wrong irons, you might put too much spin on the golf ball and end up wasting all that energy in spinning motion instead of forward projection.

As you can tell, since this golf club is built for high quality, expert golf ball shaping, you really need to have a high enough skill level or at least very experienced wrist control. It is so sensitive that if you put too much or too little force, your ball might actually end up in a trap. Whether we’re talking about the bushes or sand or water trap, it’s going to end up where it doesn’t need to go.

These are Not Your Normal Blades

The funny thing about irons is that, for the most part, they are just straight clubs that really don’t have much innovation or technology built into their design to help golf players improve their game. TaylorMade has packed a lot of technology into the simple design of the P770 golf irons.

If you are using the 3 or 7 piece, you actually get a nice tungsten component in your iron. This tungsten bar provides the sensitive strength you need to connect when trying to pull off more sensitive shots. While these blades, by and large, are not all that forgiving, thanks to the tungsten component, your club is a lot more workable and more flexible than the typical blade.

If you are still in the middle of transitioning between traditional clubs and blade irons, this is a good intermediate golf club. Try it out, cut your teeth in it, and then step up to pure blades.

Deceptively Simple Design

The funny about these irons is that they look fairly straightforward. They don’t really jump out at you like, for example, the Callaway Rogue Irons.

When you look at these golf clubs, they look like pretty standard and even refined golf clubs with a little bit of a nondescript high tech twist here and there. But the truth is, thanks to its tungsten component and its design, it actually packs quite a bit of technology.

The head on these clubs is fairly middling in size. The loft that you get pretty much falls in the middle of the standard range. We’re talking about around 46 degrees. This combination enables you to hit the ball longer and achieve higher altitudes. But with that said, the P770 makes it all look easy and smooth.

The Final Word

The main claim to fame of the P770 really is its ball shaping capabilities. Now, you probably already know that if you are concerned with ball shaping, then you probably already have very developed golf skills. Your handicap is very low and you are pretty much at the expert level.

You really need to have a pretty high expertise for these clubs to make a lot of sense in your particular situation. If you are still learning golf or you are a little bit accomplished, but not quite there, you might want to hold off on these clubs and pick models that are more forgiving and easier to handle.

Srixon Z355 Irons

The Best Beginner Golf Clubs

If you are just learning how to play golf, you need the right tools. It’s very easy to use the golf clubs your golfing buddies recommend. The problem is, they may have higher skills than you. What makes sense to them can be a ridiculous idea when it comes to you.

You have to pick golf clubs that would enable you to get out there on the golf course, hit the ball, get it up in the air, and move it forward. That’s all you need because you need to see some instant feedback so you can tighten up your game.

The big danger with buying and using more advanced golf clubs is you probably are not going to get the performance you’re looking for. In fact, it would seem that cheaper clubs make you look better on the course.

This is not an accident. This should not be a surprise. While more expensive clubs do improve performance, you only get that enhanced performance when you already know your way around the golf course.

I hope this makes sense because it’s too easy to get in over your head buying the latest and greatest high tech or premium golf club set, only to have a tough time on the golf course. Don’t be too shocked if you find yourself less and less enthusiastic on the course.

The solution to your problem may be a simple switch in your choice of golf clubs. The Srixon Z355 Irons is a great choice for people who are simply looking to do well enough on the golf course. They just want to hit the ball, they want to see the ball travel far, and they want to get pumped up about playing golf on a fairly regular basis.

The Srixon Z355 will enable you to do all of that. Thanks to its technology, you can hit the ball more regularly, you can get it up higher, and your shots can be straight. I know it sounds crazy and unusual for newbie clubs, but thanks to the Z355’s technology component, beginners can work wonders on the course.

The Secret to the Z355’s Newbie-friendly Performance

The reason why these clubs are so forgiving when it comes to making contact with the ball lies in the head of the club. It has a weighted head. This is not a light club head by any stretch of the imagination. It’s a bit on the heavy side. Although the size of its cavity is fairly standard when compared to other golf clubs, the face of this design is fairly large.

This combination enables you to increase your chances of connecting with the ball you’re swinging at. The so-called “sweet spot” in the middle of the club face is larger as a result. Now, when you have a fairly heavier club and a larger club face, your chances of hitting the ball increases quite a bit.

What really fascinates me about the Z355 is that it doesn’t go overboard. While it’s obvious that it’s catering to beginner golfers, it doesn’t go all the way by making the head extremely heavy. While you can notice the heavy weight of the head, it doesn’t get in the way of your swing. This is extremely important because if it feels too heavy, your swing will suffer.

The designer of this club really did an amazing job because the designer compensated for the effort you need to swing back the club and then directing it downwards to within your target impact zone. Proper weighting is crucial to this as well as adequate shaft weight.

I am really impressed by how the shaft is designed to more than compensate for the extra weight of the head. The result is a nice, smooth swing that is a bit on the heavy side, but not so painfully noticeable that it negatively impacts your swing.

In fact, this Srixon combination improves your swing. It’s more forgiving, you have a higher chance of hitting the ball, and there’s enough force behind your swing to get that ball quite far down the course.

Wider Sole

Another point of distinction between this model and the typical golf club is the wider and larger sole section. Obviously, this is designed to prevent beginner golfers from making improper contact with the ground.

If the top part is heavier, chances are, your swing will dig into the soil. Not exactly a good move, and it will pretty much absorb a lot of the force that you are trying to direct to the ball.

The weighting is designed to work well with a wider sole so your swing enables you to use a picking strategy when the sole’s flat surface hits the outer section of the ball. This nice picking motion is enough to get the ball high up in the air, but not so high that it cuts down on its travel range.

Dubbed the “Tour VT Sole,” this wider sole feature really goes a long way in increasing the overall forgiveness level of this club. You don’t feel intimidated by it. It doesn’t demand a high level of precision so you can enjoy your game much more thoroughly.

Another Secret: Extra-sized Sweet Spot

If you’ve ever inspected your clubs for quite some time on the golf course, you know that you need to hit that nice sweet spot on the surface of your golf club head to maximize range as well as power. Power, of course, impacts the lift of the ball.

You don’t want it to pop up high in the sky and end up only a few yards from you, nor do you want it so low that it eventually gets dragged down by gravity and comes to a screeching halt. You want something somewhere in the middle.

And it’s really hard to get that middle shot going if you are using golf clubs that have a very narrow sweet spot. The narrower or smaller the sweet spot, the more attention to detail you have to invest. You also have to position your body in a more meticulous way.

Now, expert golfers don’t have a problem with this. In fact, this is second hand to them. They can do this in their sleep. However, if you are just beginning or you are barely breaking into intermediate levels, you would be better off with a club head that has a more forgiving sweet spot, and this exactly what the Z355 brings to the table.

You have a lot more real estate to work with, so even if you don’t hit the ball perfectly, there’s enough space on your golf club head to put force into the ball to roughly get it to where you need it to go.

Now, this is not, of course, your final set of golf clubs. That’s not what they are meant for. That is not the intention. Instead, they are just supposed to help you step up your game while you’re a beginner, and then you can graduate to more delicate and more demanding pieces of golf equipment.

The Final Word

If you are looking to improve your game and you are pretty much a beginner at golf, the Srixon Z355 set is a no-brainer. It really isn’t. Not only is it very forgiving, it is also very easy to work with.

Also, it really encourages you to hit the golf course. You’re able to hit the ball more, so you can keep practicing and stepping up your game until you are ready to graduate to more exacting set of golf clubs to keep up with your rising handicap.

King Pro Irons

A lot of people buy golf clubs for performance. They don’t really care about what it looks like. They just want to get clubs that would help them step up their game. Usually, these are blades, and blades are very delicate. They need to be handled properly, and they need to be positioned the right way.

Also, your stance has to be just right for you to truly unlock the amazing game improvement power of high quality blades. It is no surprise that these very sleek pieces of equipment tend to be on the high end as far as pricing is concerned.

Other people have lower level golf skills, so they get game improvement gear in the form of high forgiveness club head designs. These two sets of people actually have the same needs. They’re all about stepping up their game.

There is, however, another set of golfers who go to golf courses, not necessarily to razzle and dazzle everybody else. They’re not really there to score really low and dominate the game. Instead, they just want to have a good time. They just want to get out there, mingle, and play a round or two of golf.

In other words, these are networkers. Since their highest priority is to look good at the course, they need the right kind of equipment. You don’t want to be seen with a nice set of blades, only to embarrass yourself.

Sure, people can see that you are swinging around a very expensive piece of golfing equipment, but unfortunately, before they can be impressed by the fact that you are using very obvious status symbols on the course, they feel bad for you because you can’t seem to use it properly. That’s the big dilemma that you get into when you try to impress people with premium golf clubs.

Thankfully, there is a better solution. You can look really cool on the golf course and don’t have to worry all that much about your game. You can mix and mingle and people would look at you and see that you are a legitimate player. You don’t look like somebody who is faking it until they make it.

How do you pull this off? Well, the King Pro Irons is the kind of golf club designed for people like you. It’s a forged iron set, but boy, does it look cool.

It’s All About Design

When you look at the golf heads of these clubs, they look sleek, black, and smooth. And you may be thinking, “They look great, but how is their performance?”

Well, they’re not too shabby, although the heads tend to be on the smaller side. This means that you have to take extra care to hit the ball properly so you can get it up in the air at the right height.

Now, with that said, these clubs are more forgiving than top of the line blades. Also, they handle fairly easily, so when you grip them, they give you that solid, confident feel. And when you swing, the impact is definitely there.

A lot of veteran golfers really like the way these club heads are designed because of the muscular back and the connection of the head to the rest of the club. You can pretty much hold on to them and feel a nice surge of power when you unleash.

Intermediate Level Golf Clubs

While absolute beginners should steer clear of the King Pro Irons, if you are an advanced beginner or intermediate, these clubs should be right up your alley. Not only do they make you look good, they are also designed to optimize your game once you know how to aim the club properly, because that really is the key. When you swing this club right, you are able to connect with the right impact.

Another thing that’s awesome about these clubs is that they’re not all that expensive compared to similar clubs in their category or level. They do have thinner heads, so you have to be a little bit more careful.

The great thing about a wide sole on a club head is that you are less likely to dig into the dirt when you’re swinging. The King Pro Irons have a thinner profile, so you have to slice more carefully.

The Final Word

If you are looking for a mid-level set of golf clubs that would make you look good on the golf course while at the same time improving your intermediate game, you need to take a long look at the King Pro Irons. It is well designed, a lot of pros love its muscular appeal, and it’s also very comfortable to handle. It doesn’t feel flimsy at all. In terms of swing sound, it’s very decent.

So if you are looking for a high quality piece of golf equipment that can help you make the right impression on and off the gold course, do consider this model.


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